Styling Chairs/Hairdressing Chairs in a unique selection of different designs & styles

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Styling Chairs/Hairdressing Chairs

Styling chairs and hairdressing chairs are one of the most important purchases for a salon owner and it is essential that the styling chairs you choose are fit for purpose. With such a wide selection of hairdressing chairs available there are several important points to consider.

Comfort is key as clients are likely to spend a considerable amount of time sitting in a styling chair and it’s essential that they feel comfortable and relaxed. The comfort of the stylist should also be considered when choosing hairdressing chairs and a styling chair needs to be the correct height and width to allow the stylist to move and work around it freely.

Practically speaking, choosing styling chairs with no hair traps will help to ensure that the styling chairs remain looking new and clean for as long as possible. Another consideration is the option of fitted footrests on hairdressing chairs. This not only offers comfort for the customer but may be more practical than having separate footrests.

There are many designs of hairdressing chairs from cubic to more fluid shapes. When choosing styling chairs a key consideration is whether you require styling chairs with metal, wood or padded armrests. Alternatively you may opt for fully upholstered hairdressing chairs. The right styling chair will bring a design element into a salon, be it traditional, contemporary, modern, retro or fun. Choosing the correct styling chairs can really enhance and complete a salon’s existing design and style.

Good quality styling chairs have a range of base options. Some hairdressing chairs have lockable hydraulic bases, others swivel bases. Shapes of styling chair bases also vary, from traditional 5-star to more modern square and disc bases. Pietranera offer a choice of base options on all their styling chairs.

Pietranera hairdressing chairs can be upholstered in either one or two-tone, in any of a range of 52 vinyl upholstery colours, thus enabling the salon owner to give the hairdressing chairs they chose their own individual creative stamp.

Styling chairs in a busy salon need to be hard-working and hard-wearing. Pietranera offer a 3-year guarantee on all their hairdressing chairs’ hydraulic bases due to their longevity and high standard of quality control.

In many cases hairdressers, still satisfied with their Pietranera bases after many years, simply change their styling chair tops only, thus giving their hairdressing chairs a makeover and bringing a new feel to the salon.

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