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Backwash Units

Over the past few years the backwash unit has steadily come to the forefront of hairdressing salon design, both in terms of style and design and, more importantly, comfort and relaxation.

The increasing popularity of backwash units with motorised footrests and massage options such as Shiatsu and air massage, means it’s becoming more and more important for salon owners to focus on the backwash area of their salon.

Customers can often feel quite exposed when having their hair washed, so it’s essential that backwash areas and backwash units put them at their ease, enabling them to feel relaxed and comfortable.

One key way to do this it to have backwash units that place the client in a prone position, thus allowing the neck and back to be at ease. Clients can spend a considerable amount of time at backwash units having their hair washed and treated so a backwash unit that offers good lumbar support, comfort and durability is essential.

Another way to ensure that backwash units feel more private and relaxed is to separate the backwash area from the rest of the salon. This can be achieved either physically, by raising or partitioning off backwash units, or with the use of design, lighting or colour. This separation of backwash units can develop the backwash area into more of a ‘treatment room’ and using backwash units that incorporate motorised legrests and massage options can create opportunities to increase profits.

Lighting is another essential element when considering the comfort of customers using backwash units. It’s advisable to use subtler lighting in the backwash area than the rest of the salon, such as an ambient dimmable system. Design led backwash units that incorporate LED lighting are a great way of incorporating subtle lighting into a backwash area. Pietranera offer this in their ‘Pasha’ backwash unit.

Another key trend for backwash units in terms of upholstery is toward a more opulent feel, utilising metallic, textured and glossy finishes. Black backwash units with coloured design details are increasingly popular and work well with strong accent colours such as red, as well as looking great with these more opulent finishes.

With the backwash unit becoming a focal point for salon improvement, high quality, robust backwash units can be a sound investment in both time and money. LSE’s specialist salon equipment brands have a range of backwash units of the highest quality, durability and comfort.

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