It is always important to create the right space for reception and retail areas. First impressions do count. A welcoming, modern area will bring in more clients and let them relax in a calm, inviting atmosphere.

Creating a professional and up-to-date environment for the reception area gives the customer confidence in the salon as a whole.

Colour, texture and shape is all part of creating an area that is pleasing to the eye Colour can be introduced into the reception area without too much cost, quickly and without major disruption.

High shine glossy surfaces create the current look. Black and/or white work really well with an accent colour on walls and other features.

To achieve a welcome yet contemporary feel recommend using reception furniture with finishes such as lighting, glass and metal.

Secondary lighting plays an important part in the overall ambience of the salon. It can be introduced in subtle ways within reception desks, light boxes etc of which Pietranera have a good selection to choose from.

Reception furniture creates impact. Waiting sofa, upholstered in one or two-tone, in a prominent position will give a focal point to the salon. Pietranera have a wide choice of sofas, benches and chairs.

Flooring can make a difference in this area – dark finish can create the appearance of a larger space and when combined with a light tone on the walls gives a spacious, airy feel.

The use of flowers and plants are aestitically pleasing and bring a feeling of tranquility.

Up to date magazines and informative hairdressing literature is always a good idea.

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