Small narrow salons can feel intimate and boutique-like, but they can quickly become overcrowded and noisy. The right design, however, can help to give a narrow salon a linear feel and the correct colour choice will really bring it to life.

LSE director Wendy Droznika and Alan Cowling of YY Design agree:
‘A narrow salon will always look busy to prospective customers walking past, as there isn’t a mass of space to fill with people. When it does get busy however, it can be difficult for stylists who are working back to back.’

Here are LSE’s top tips for making the most of a narrow salon:

1. The width of a salon should be a minimum of four metres – any smaller than that and it becomes impractical.

2. Offsetting mirrors will help to avoid a tunnelling effect.

3. It’s a good idea to lay flooring at a 45 degree angle as this will increase the visual width of a salon.

4. Use the widest mirrors possible – this will really give the illusion of space.

5. Avoid mirrors on the back wall as these will only increase the feeling of length. Instead, emphasize the back wall with colour, texture and pictures.

A key benefit of a narrow salon is that it will tend to look busy and therefore more inviting to passers-by. The main drawback arises if stylists are working back-to-back as this can create a problem for customer traffic. Steering clear of the latter and utilising our top tips will really help the maximise the available space and help you to get the best out of a narrow salon.