1. From both a design and practical point of view, to give the stylist adequate room to work, we always recommend allowing a minimum of 5 foot from centre of chair to centre of chair.

2. With barber chairs (as with most things!) you get what you pay for. Having a comfortable, sturdy, good-looking barber chair is essential and it is important that it is hydraulic, has a headrest and has the option of a reclining back for wet shaves, treatments etc. These chairs must be able to support the height and weight of men of all sizes!

3. Frontwash is not always the norm in todays mens grooming salons, with backwashes becoming more popular incorporating features such as a motorized legrest and massage.

4. It is worth considering the potential for a VIP/Treatment area as men require privacy with treatments such as colour, waxing, pedicures, manicures, facials, eyebrow grooming which are becoming more and more available and accepted.

5. To co-incide with the the massive growth in mens grooming products a well placed, well lit and well displayed retail area is vital, backed up with male imagery by way of posters etc.

6. As appointments are not always made in mens salons a very comfortable and welcoming waiting area is important, with somewhere to put coffee/drinks as well as up to date magazines etc.

7. Barber shop furniture in the UK has been caught in a timewarp for many years e.g. using traditional black barber chairs, however the opposite is true to a certain extent on the continent where barber chairs have evolved (like unisex chairs) with the use of unusual metalwork and upholstery colours in shades of browns, greys, reds etc. This is a trend now catching on and working well here.

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