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Useful Links

A selection of useful Hairdressing Equipment related links including Pietranera, HJi, Salon Business, Salon Smart, etc. Read More

Backwash Areas & Backwash Units

An article written by Wendy Droznika of LSE Hair about the latest trends in Backwash Areas. Read More

Reception & Retail Areas

Creating a professional and up-to-date environment for the reception area gives the customer confidence in the salon as a whole. Read More

Designing a Narrow Hairdressing Salon

LSE Hair director Wendy Droznika and Alan Cowling of YY Design offer their advice on creating an intimate and boutique-like salon when the space available is limited. Read More

7 Tips for a Mens Salon

From both a design and practical point of view, to give the stylist adequate room to work, we always recommend allowing a minimum of 5 foot from centre of chair to centre of chair. Read More

Pietranera Exhibition Stand

Photos from the Piteranera Exhibition Stand from Cosmoprof, Bologna. Read More