Legend by Takara Belmont

Having just been to the Belmont showrooms in Bow, London, we are excited about the new addition to the Takara Belmont collection…The ‘Legend’.

The Legend is a high status, motorised, VIP multipurpose, unisex chair. It has a unique leg rest that can be put into a completely flat position. It has been designed and constructed to give the user ideal distribution of body pressure, offering total and complete comfort.

Standard upholstery options for this chair are ES8 Black, ES12 Brown, ES13 Red and ES14 Camel. Premium upholstery options for this chair are any from the NL, NH, VT and CN ranges.

Not only is it stunning to look at, it is also an absolute pleasure to sit or lay on. We highly recommend you make an appointment to see and try this legendary chair at the Takara Belmont showrooms in Bow, London.

The Takara Belmont Legend – RRP £5,780 plus VAT

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