Pietranera have launched their innovation for hair care and wellbeing. “Infrared” is a technical heating lamp, used for a variety of applications and benefits.

They have been designed to provide a general feeling of wellbeing. Treatments will penetrate more deeply due to the heat and infrared lamp, therefore the products used are used to their very best effect. Infrared light can be effective aid against stress and muscle tension which can bring relaxation into the mind and body whilst at the backwash area.

With their simple form and light structure they are height adjustable to ensure maximum functionality in the minimum amount of space.

The lamp colours are white, red, black, gold, silver and copper. With this in mind they will very easily match all furnishing styles adding a touch of glamour to revamp and enhance any salon.

The Pietranera Infrared lamp is available exclusively in the UK from LSE. Prices start from £375 plus VAT.

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